WK OCR afgelast

Na het afgelasten van het EK moet nu ook het WK er aan geloven. De reden is uiteraard Covid-19 of Corona. Het evenement zal verplaatst worden naar 2021. Het OCRWC in Vermont staat vooralsnog wel op de agenda.

WK OCR afgelast

Lausanne, Switzerland?: ?OCR Russia and World OCR, the F?d?ration Internationale de Sports d?Obstacles (FISO), announced today the FISO World Championships, originally scheduled for September 17-20, 2020 has been rescheduled for September 2021 at the Rosa Khutor Ski Resort, the ?Switzerland? of Russia, Olympiyaskaya street, 35, Esto sadok.

The FISO OCR World Championships is one of the thousands of events worldwide that either had to reschedule or cancel completely due to Covid-19.

OCR Russia President Mr. Dennis Annikov said that ??OCR Russia? ?appreciates the understanding of athletes who had planned on the World Championships this year. Rather than cancelling the event entirely, it will now be held on the original dates this year as a test event for the 2021 World Championships.?

?It has taken many months to put this plan in place and the many organizations and agencies required to put on a safe and enjoyable race support this as the best option in this extraordinary environment.?? said World OCR President, Mr. Ian Adamson.?

Rosa Khutor world ski resort, the location of the 2014 Winter Olympics announced that ??As the global Coronavirus pandemic unfolds, we are pleased to be able to help athletes by hosting the World Championships test event this year?.

About World OCR

World OCR, the F?d?ration Internationale de Sports d?Obstacles (FISO) is the sole competent authority for obstacle sports and related disciplines? ?worldwide. It is an independent association composed of national? ?member? f? ederations throughout the world.

About OCR Russia

OCR Russia is the national governing body and sole competent authority for obstacle sports and related disciplines in Russia. It is an independent association composed of athlete members throughout the country.

About Hero League

Hero League ?is a team that creates the most ambitious and vibrant events in the new format of recreation in Russia and Europe, where everyone will find their adventure! We are united by drive, freedom and pure emotions. The most popular projects of the Hero League are OCR ?Hero Race?, half marathon ?One Run? and Ninja OCR ?Arena of Heroes?.

About OCR Rosa Khutor, Sochi

Rosa Khutor and its surrounding region are truly unique. Stroll down the Mzymta River promenade and watch the sunset. Discover delectable local cuisine, meet locals and feel the energy of our resort. Rosa Khutor offers numerous outdoor sporting activities, wellness and spa offerings. The region?s climate offers endless opportunities for outdoor sports and recreation, no matter the time of year.

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