ocr world series V

Nieuw: OCR World Series V

World OCR, de overkoepelende wereldbond voor OCR, komt ook met een virtuele race. Het zijn zes races in zes maanden en op einde zijn er diverse winnaars. Het begint deze maand met een run van 5 kilometer en 20 obstakels.?Inschrijven en verdere details lezen kan via deze link.

OCR World Series V

Anyone can compete to be national, continental and/or world champion at each event and for the series!?The goal of the virtual world series is to help you stay fit and compare yourself with anyone (or everyone) else in the world. This is primarily designed to fun, a bit competitive if you want, and above all … fun!

The World Series is six mixed reality races that crown the World Series champions after the final race in October. Points are awarded for each race and points from your top four races count toward the final standings.?

Accumulated points for the top three elite athletes in each category, from each country are automatically included in the World Team Rankings.


5 km Run and 20 obstacles (3 km and 12 obstacles for under 10 years old)

One lap is:

  • (start) 200m run
  • 10x push ups
  • 200m run
  • 100m heavy carry
  • 200m run
  • 10x box jumps
  • 200m run
  • 5x pull ups?
  • 100m run (finish)

Repeat 5 laps for 5 km

If you are in a small space you may choose one of the following:

  • Confined space: 50 Jumping Jacks per 100m equivalent. 100 JJ = 200m run.
  • 5x 5m (~16 ft) Shuttle Run laps per 100m equivalent. One lap is out and back (10m total). 10x 5m SR laps = 200m run.
  • 3x 10m (~33 ft) Shuttle Run laps per 100m equivalent (20m laps). 6x 10m SR laps = 200m run.


Individual results will be provided by country, continent and overall (for the entire world!)

Results and rankings are tabulated after registration closes each month.?

Team rankings work the same way, the lowest score wins!

Video verification will be used to validate obstacle completion*. If you cannot prove completion, you may be excluded from the results and rankings. Videos are public and available for public review and verification.?


Anywhere!?Distance is verified by phone, wearable GPS enabled app or national federation official*. Your running routes and obstacle locations are solely at your discretion, but you must upload screenshots of your run route, total distance and time to the digital results board.

All finishers?receive a digital finisher medal, national, continental and global results and rankings!


All times are US Eastern (GMT – 5 hours)

World Series #1 May 8, 12:00 AM to May 31, 11:55 PM
World Series #2 June 1, 12:00 AM to June 30, 11:55 PM
World Series #3 July 1 – 31
World Series #4 August 1 – 31
World Series #5 September 1 – 30
World Series #6 October 1 – 31

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