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Spartan Race en Corona

Op internet kwamen we een mooi stuk tegen over Joe de Sena en zijn reactie met Spartan Race op de uitdagingen van Corona.

Spartan Race en Corona

Literally in the last 24 hours, we have gotten phone calls from no less than 100 event companies looking to merge, to sell. I mean, this situation is wreaking havoc on the fitness and events industry. Certainly we?re going to take a look at any opportunities, and be ready so that when the lights go back on ? and they will ? we can take advantage of these opportunities. But this is priority number four, after liquidity, our employees, and our customers.

The good news for us is that, in all our years of doing this, when an economy is having a tough time, we thrive. Because a Spartan Race event is a $100 way to completely transform your life ? it?s a very inexpensive form of entertainment that is extremely healthy. So I think when we bounce back, we?ll bounce back hard in the right direction. We just need to stay healthy.

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