spartan trifecta


vrijdag 06 november 2020 - zondag 08 november 2020


All Day

Spartan Race Trifecta World Championship 2020

Voor de derde keer keert Spartan Race terug naar Sparta.

Welcome to the hallowed ground of Sparta, Greece. Become a legend in ancient Greece by finishing Sprint, Super and Beast in 3 days.

Top Reasons to Take This Course:

1. Spartan warriors were born here. They trained here. Their legends live here. Every Spartan must prove

themselves in Sparta.

2. Stand on the starting line and race before the statue of King Leonidas, past the tomb of Menelaus,

through the waters of Eurotas, and find glory in the ancient homeland of the Spartans.

3. An exclusive medal awaits the finishers of this prestigious event.

4. Only TRIFECTA finishers will be allowed through the gates of Sparta. If you’re part of the Tribe, you have exclusive access to this event.

5. From the Acropolis in Athens to the breathtaking bluffs of Santorini in the Aegean Sea, Greece is an extraordinary destination for food, culture, relaxation and adventure. Take some time to take in astounding history for a few days before or after you make your own.

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