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Buyle en Steensgaard winnen OCR Series Race 3

Na een veel te lange winterstop is het seizoen nu echt weer begonnen met race 3 uit de OCR Series. Hieronder de winnaars van de race in F?rstenau. Winnaars Heren Thomas Buyle Thibault Debusschere Jesse de Heer Winnaars Dames Ida Mathilde Steensgaard Corien Janssen Ulrikke Evensen De complete uitslagen en tijden volgen later. Zelf meedoen? Check dan onze OCR Series Kalender.

ocr series

OCR Series 2020 Race 7 – Frankfurt

Race 7 will be one of the toughest races of the season. Get ready for some seriously steep mountains while conquering the 19km track with over 40 obstacles. The race takes place in the beautiful environment of the B?dinger forest, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Extra uphill running sessions and altitude training can give you the competitive edge needed. Is running uphill one of your specialties? Then Race 7 will be your chance to make …

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ocr series

OCR Series 2021 – Amsterdam

Race 6 is the last qualification opportunity in Holland to earn your spot in the OCR Series World Finals. If you thought there are no Hills in the Netherlands, you are wrong. Race 6 takes place during the Strong Viking Hills Edition in Recreatiegebied Spaarnwoude, near Amsterdam. Be ready for many uphill crawls, weight carrying and last but not least; the Arctic Area! Conquer obstacles in the SnowWorld Skicentre with a tempature of -5 degrees. …

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ocr series

[AFGELAST] OCR Series 2020 Race 5 – Gent

Race 5 in Ghent takes place at the same location as the very first Race of this season; Provinciaal Domein Puyenbroeck in Ghent, Belgium. The big difference between this race and the one of last September is the Mud theme with a number of different obstacles throughout the 19km course. Where the first race was a fast track whit lots of water obstacles, this race the focus will be more on technical obstacles and testing …

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